Diamond J British Labs, LLC.

Limited Registration to Full Registration

Diamond J British Labs, LLC strives to provide high-quality first-generation British Labradors. To maintain the quality of breeding and appropriate bloodlines, we reserve the right to give full registration to their puppies.

The Process & Criteria

All litters are initially registered as limited registration. Full registration will be granted only to a select few. The owner who wants full registration will have the puppy evaluated for hip dysplasia by 24 months of age.

We only allow breeding of British Labradors with hip scores of good to excellent. The puppy will also need to be screened for ocular/visual defects. He/she will have all of their vaccines, and veterinarian checked for health free from disease and illness. The proposed dog to receive full registration should also have a temperament that the British Labrador is bred to have. Aggressive or extreme passive behaviors are not good candidates for breeding.

You have asked for full registration of your puppy. We are willing to grant you full registration if your puppy meets the criteria set forth. A fee will be paid to Diamond J British Labs, LLC, for these rights. Also, the charge to change the registration will be the responsibility of the puppy's owner. The proposed breeding lineage will be submitted to approve the breeding with Diamond J British Labs, LLC, before the breeding. No dog will be bred prior to two years of age.

We take pride in our dogs and wish to continue the reputation that has been built. We hope that you intend to do the same.